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Drive motor for Ex-environment

The company WINKELMANN Elektromotoren from Uelzen/Lower Saxony is a reliable and competent partner in the field of explosion proof motors. Customer requirements, specially for Ex-areas, are very specific and require an in-depth know-how of the developers. The designers developed a direct current motor with explosion protection for use as drive system in an Ex-environment. The use of an electronic control system allowed for a very compact design. Due to the high rated current of 310 A, special attention had to be paid to the thermal requirements. The control system was integrated into an ATEX box and thus, through the use of a special circuit design, sufficient cooling is ensured. The control system is active only during the starting period. After reaching the rated speed, the motor runs on battery power via a bypass. The thermal of the control is thus maintained at a low level. This is indeed necessary, given the prevailing ambient temperature of -20°C up to 50°C. The motor duty type is designed for S1 operation. The continuous output is 22 kW at a motor speed of 2000 rpm. A special painting according to NORSOK standard makes the motor also suitable for salt laden environments.