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15 employment anniversaries celebrated

We are very happy about this company loyalty, commitment and reliability.

WINKELMANN what we are.

In the year 2016, 15 of our employees celebrated their company anniversary - from five years of service to the company to the fortieth employment anniversary.

This way, we would like to congratulate again:
Ms Beate Tonn, Mr Johannes Kirschner, Mr Diethard Ernst, Mr Karsten Geffert, Mr Salvatore Magro, Mr Werner Kohrs, Mr Jens Ritter, Mr Wilhelm Schlaphof, Mr Detlef Weiss, Mr Holger Carstens, Mr Marco Wittmund, Ms Birgit Lange, Mr Lars Kötke, Mr Timo Schröder and Mr Timon Zander.

They have enriched our team for years and decades, are dedicated and have made an important contribution to the development of WINKELMANN. Especially our new employees profit from their long-standing experience and passion.

Last but not least, our customers also benefit from this commitment - it is the basis for our successful work, for innovative products and performance at the highest level.

We thank our employees for their long-term loyalty and commitment and we are looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.