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Drive systems

The direct current motors for low-voltage applications in open and closed design are suitable for installation on the inside and outside of battery-powered vehicles or as battery-powered auxiliary drives in conventionally powered vehicles.

Direct current motors for use with low-voltage applications. This product line is used as a drive motor in mobile applications (e.g. vehicles). With a direct d.c. converter these motors can be powered directly by a battery and subjected to speed regulation. This product line is characterized by high dynamics and a special load capacity when accelerating as well as a low noise level.

  • Mobile tools
  • Drive motors in electric vehicles
  • Motors for auxiliary drives in a wide range of vehicles

Depending on the specific use, the drives can be equipped with brake, engine speed sensor or gearbox as well as various monitoring devices.


Output range: 0.15 kW to 90 kW
Voltage range: 24 V to 80 V
Engine speed range: up to 5000 rpm

Other outputs, voltages and speed ranges on request