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WINKELMANN has a comprehensive range of machinery for machining components. We have the resources to manufacture components using either conventional or CNC manufacturing methods (up to 5 axes). This enables us to produce even the smallest quantities flexibly and within a very short time.

We manufacture according to the principle of made-to-measure assembly and with a very large vertical range of manufacture. This means that modular basic constructions and prefabricated components make for an economical and speedy production process. Our highly qualified employees use our specialised machinery to produce order-specific parts. Special windings and components are executed in precise manual work by experienced specialists. In this way, we can ensure the required individuality of the product from one source in a consistently high quality. Prior to delivery, our products are comprehensively tested under realistic operating conditions. On request, we also perform order-specific tests such as witness tests, where necessary with external testing agencies (e.g. CSA, CSP, UL).

We are experienced in working with a wide range of materials, e.g. steel, cast iron, electrical sheeting, GRP, CFRP, titanium and modern magnetic materials. Furthermore, we have at our disposal welding workstations, a balancing bench and a paint shop.

The entire electrical production can also be realised in our in-house winding workshop and impregnation plant. Special test installations are available for testing our pressure-resistant explosion-proof motors. Motors weighing up to 3.2t can be mounted in the final assembly.

WINKELMANN Elektromotoren is your holistic system provider for the development and manufacture of three-phase and DC motors. Customised assembly and manufacture. In line with your requirements and incorporating our know-how.

Let us advise you on an individual basis - we look forward to hearing from you.

A selection of our services

  • Machining
  • Winding production and impregnation
  • Coating
  • Crane capacity up to 3.2t
  • Fabrication of motor shafts, rotors and stators
  • Balancing of rotors
  • Fabrication of rotor and stator windings
  • Processing of large steel and grey cast iron parts
  • Production of welding assemblies