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PSM synchronous motors for test benches and special machine construction

Performance parameter range for our platform construction method:

Frame sizes: 132 - 200
Output: to 800 kW
Speed: to 25.000 min-1
Torque: to 3.000 Nm

Characteristics of our PSM synchronous motors

  • Especially space-saving design
  • Liquid cooling for highest power densities
  • Large field weakening range
  • Usage of high-quality magnetic materials
  • High torque in intermittent operation
  • Optimised for dynamic applications

PSM synchronous motors from Winkelmann

Thanks to its compact design, this product series has a high power density. The modular structure results in very flexible mounting options for brakes and engine speed sensors.

The water jacket cooling ensures highly efficient dissipation of the heat loss from the motor into the cooling medium. The heat lost in the cooling medium can be recovered and used for producing heating or hot water. The electrical energy generated in test bench operation can be fed back into the power grid very cost-effectively with good overall efficiency.

The usage of high-quality magnetic materials for the rotor assures a long operating life coupled with constant performance data. The usage of ceramic hybrid spindle bearings for high-speed applications provides for low-maintenance operation of the motor.

WINKELMANN Elektromotoren is your holistic system provider for the development and manufacture of three-phase and DC motors. Customised assembly and manufacture. In line with your requirements and incorporating our know-how.

Let us advise you on an individual basis - we look forward to hearing from you.

Sample applications

  • Testing of components in vehicle and plant construction