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Technical basics

  • Enclosure
    IP 00 for control cabinet installation or IP 23
  • Continous output
    500W per resistor
  • Resistance values
    10mΩ bis 20Ω, depending on motor frame size and permitted maximal starting current
  • Voltage range
    24 to 1000 V

In most cases, direct current motors running on battery power with an output higher than 300W cannot be switched-on directly. To limit the starting current, resistors are used then.

Starting resistor
These resistors are switched-off after finishing the motor start-up procedure so that no battery energy is needed for the resistor during motor operation. A switchgear is required to switch the resistance levels.

Permanently switched-on resistor
These resistors are designed for permanent operation with the rated current. They are switched-on during the entire motor operation and therefore require battery energy during operation.

Your WINKELMANN-Advantages

  • robust design
  • tailored to the WINKELMANN-motor
  • detailed adjustment of the resistor to the customer requirements, e. g. limitation of the starting current to the 2,5 times rated current
  • the entire drive unit, comprising the motor and resistor, is tested on-site at WINKELMANN